The night before 元宵, also the night preceding the severe windstorm that hit northern China. I stayed in Dalian that night and had to rush back to Jinshitan 金石灘 the next day around 2pm, sensing it was not the normal Dalian gust, only to discover that 輕軌 (Rapid Rail) was already not operating.

I was glad that I got home on time by one of those mini buses (小客), before it got dark and overly dangerous. I spent the evening in my apartment, twice hit by blackout---poor repair crews!! But other than that, my place was fine, I simply went to bed at 9.

Local public schools were closed on Monday, March 5. Mine is a private boarding school, the first class was cancelled and I baby-sat students for colleagues who were trying their best to take the rough and icy journey of some 20km to get to school from Kaifaqu 開發區.

Winter in Dalian was warmer than usual in 2006/07. A powerful convection storm was formed as the warm front met the cold front. Many of these lights at Labour Park 中山區勞動公園 were blown down. The Mother Buddha statue underneath the TV Tower, as you can see in the centre, toppled. I heard from the news that they managed to restore 70% of the lights later. In fact, fireworks were also planned for the night 元宵 at Xinghai Square 星海廣場, but in light of this horrible weather they moved the event one day ahead--giving people only one day's notice!
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