Round About My Peking Garden (1905)
Author: Mrs. Archibald Little
Publisher: J. B. Lippincott Company

O wise Chinese people! Through the centuries you have never loved to fight, have been conquered again and again, but always risen irrepressible !

Page 50 光緒的印象(庚子後)﹕
When Li Lien-ying came down there was a ripple in the crowd, and we became aware of a bright-looking, slight young man stepping buoyantly out of the carriage, with the happy smile of so many an English young man as he comes to his journey's end. "Who can that bright, happy-looking boy be?" was all but on my lips, when an English engineer behind me spoke out loud, although cautioned beforehand not to do so, and at the same time a Chinese official in front of me turned, and tugged violently at my sleeve, as if I were the culprit. For it was the Emperor of China himself, who, before one had time to realise it was he, had got swiftly into the vast olden-yellow sedan chair waiting for him and been silently carried away, only his curiously projecting chin noticeable in profile as he sat, still looking back at the train he had left. A deep hush always falls upon the crowd in China whenever a Mandarin stirs abroad; how much more when the Son of Heaven moves! And a few years ago surely that foreign engineer would have been beheaded for his outspokenness. But this year no one even knelt, whereas of old it was on both knees and with faces earthward-bent that Chinese subjects would have received their Emperor.

Page 52 作者對慈禧的觀感非常負面
….as she pressed forward over her enemy's dead body without even a thrill of pleasure in the doing so; it would be so absolutely indifferent to her how she got there provided that she got to the front. People who have seen her eyes raised talk of their marvellous quickness, people who have seen her smile talk of the smile's coldness, ladies who have conversed with her speak of the furious anger of her expression, as she reprimands an attendant, succeeded instantaneously by the utmost urbanity as she addresses a guest. An English man of business, who saw her at the station, said afterwards: "Well, I have quite changed my mind. I always thought as likely as not the Empress had nothing to do with all those Boxer troubles, but that woman never was imposed upon or put upon. I know now she did it all."
The few foreign ladies who have conversed with her, and been flattered by her attentions, seem only the more, not the less, convinced of her remorselessness, and all concede that she never lets the Emperor alone, either she or Li Lien-ying being always by his side, so that it is impossible for him ever to speak unheard.

Page 52-53
And then comes in a mystery. A little American girl was among the guests at one of the Empress's parties, and the Emperor at once took her up and kissed her, till the child, looking at her mother, said: “He does like me, mother, doesn't he?" After that he followed the child about, and kissed her again and again. She was a round-faced, rosy-cheeked little child of five. But how had the Emperor of China ever learned to kiss? How had the very idea of such a thing even been suggested to him? No Chinese man throughout the whole length and breadth of the vast Chinese Empire ever kisses wife or child, unless he has been taught to do so by a foreigner. No Chinese mother even kisses her child. The nearest she gets to it is lifting her child's face up to hers, and as it were smelling at it. Yet here was the Emperor of China evidently versed in the practice, so that directly he saw this foreign little girl he took her up and kissed her, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, whilst to the everyday Chinaman this would be a most unnatural, and indeed repulsive, process.
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